Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Quick updates

Hello blog and whoever reading this. Smile and the world is yours :) 

Just some updates. Yes obviously i'm still stuck at work. Same old thing everyday. 
How can you missed out all the dramas when you actually work for an alcoholic employer?
Skip that shit. As you see from the calendar, it's one more month away till result is out. 
Like a really really really doomsday. I'm screwed. I still couldn't decide what to study.
To be specific, I don't even know what am I gonna do in life. 
Yes yes I know i'm very indecisive. But hey, that's my future! 
Well I guess, Form 6 it is ! *Screaming in head NOOOOOOO!*
Someday, maybe someday it hits me and maybe I know how to walk this path of life.

Anyway till then. Ciao! Xx

Monday, December 24, 2012

Celebrating my 17th year of life.

I've turned seventeen ! YES! Like finally. Late born baby.

So this is how it all started ;
I woke up feeling awfully miserable and thinking this would suck. 
FYI, I never really had a birthday celebration so I thought this year wouldn't be an exception.
I went for work as usual. Fay came in and wished me. She was more excited than I do.
It feels like Twilight; New Moon. I'm Bella and she's Alice. (If  you get what I mean. Hah!)
She asked for a dinner date. So I thought it's gonna only be me, Fay, Dhanesh and Darren.
My day got better when I was alone at my workplace with Fay, a woman walked in with a large box of present. (Like those in drama)
Initially I thought it was for my boss but I saw my name written on it. 
I start wondering, who would it be ? No one knew the name of the place I worked in.
Fay hop, jump and scream in excitement and say '"It's him ! It's handsome!"
We start unwrapping the present and thinking "What is it? Will it be a bomb? Or a headless doll with blood stained on it?" (How TV series corrupt our mind)
It was a HUGE gigantic teddy bear. Something I really wanted when I was thirteen. I got it instead on my seventeenth birthday.
 It was wrap along with another crystal ball and little plush toy. 
Later on, Cheryl, Anthony and another friend came. With a piece of cake and a little teddy bear.
It was really sweet of them. I feel loved. Thanks !
As my day got further, already towards the night, Coson came. So I asked him to join me for dinner.
He agreed and kept me accompany till I dismiss from work. He then drove me to there.
Fay, Dhanesh and Darren were already there. When I reached, walking towards the entrance, someone shouted "SURPRISE!" My mind went blank. I saw Chris standing there giving me that look. Kshitij and Anan were there too. I couldn't express how I felt at that very moment. I did not know how to react either. 
I just went and gave Darren, Fay and Kshitij a big hug. As I walk to the table, it was all set up. With balloons. All I could do is to smile. What else I could ask for?

Let the pictures do the talking :)

The first reaction. It was really dark, so yeah.

Anan & Kshitij :D

First thing to do - FOOOODDDD!

The birthday girl with balloons.

This is just priceless. Kshitij killed the picture! Haha.

Me : What you trynna do? I'm drinking here dude. *joking*

Chris, Coson & me.

The master mind and her assistant.

Perfect couple :)


 Me, Darren & Fay.


It's mineee! The whole tower of cocktail is mineee!

Group picture #1

Group picture #2

Darren & I. The best bud.

Here it comes. Birthday cakes !

Fay : Stable stablee..

Fay : Happy ....Birthday ...
Haha. Hey, it's Chanel !

Cake from Chris :)

You only live once.

So, I was forced to take out the candle from the cake with my mouth. As most of you must be wondering, where's the candle? Yeah. It was deeeeeeep inside.

Yellow girl.

Sorry, focus fail?

I looked drunk.

Me and my girlfriend <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">Thanks Fay. I can't thank enough for having you as my friend. You know I love you.

So yeah, that's my 17th birthday.

Happiness is when I have people around who are genuine to me, nothing more. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


5th December '12 - Class reunion dinner @ Pizza Hut Ipoh Garden South

I can say, this is the very first time our plan worked. Class trip canceled. No more Malacca. So we had this little gathering among our class. Unfortunately, some of our classmates couldn't attend. And so do our lovely form teacher- Pn Devi.
Everything became so emotional when it feels like we've grown up so so much. It actually felt like we are already working, asking each other about well being.

After gobbling and stuffing ourselves with finger licking good pizzas, here it comes, those crazy moments.
I can tell, we are the noisiest table. We just can't be elegant. *fail*
After having our stomach filled, we took some group pictures and headed to Chatime nearby to have a drink. The day ended with hugs and smiles. I'm looking forward the next gathering!

Fay got us some roses and lilies. How thoughtful of her :') 

Fyi : We are working under one roof right now. Fay, Lai Fong (The bubbly class rep) and me! 

Till then, xo

Friday, November 23, 2012

Kiss goodbye

Greetings beautiful world!

The post you are about to read might be extremely or amazingly emotional. Be prepared! 
I'm just kidding. Keep reading ;)

Here I am, again! Yes. Wait. How many more days to freedom again? YES IT'S FIVE! Last three subjects ; Chemistry, Biology & English in Literature.
It has been an unproductive day. Very. Which is a bad bad thing. I know. I should just stop typing, stop whatever I'm doing right now and study. But nah, that's a surreal sayings. I've been sleeping. My bed is just so clingy. Best time comes when you're cuddling your bolster and having not to move. You feel that too don't you? I KNOW YOU DO! HAH.

*Zig zag snap* School ended just like that. Wow. 5 years of high school. Really?
We come into phases of life and right here I am, in this phase ; High school. A teenage dream.
I can tell, no one is ready to move on. At least for now. We are all stuck in this stage. In hope that we should have done more in school. Making the most out of it. Breaking rules especially. You gonna miss screwing things around and do it all again the next day. And also being the highlight subject among teachers! Well, my class it is.
The day when we walk out of school, being not a part of the big family anymore, we ask ourselves 'When will we ever meet again? As a bunch." The answer is no. God knows when.
We often complain how hard it is to wake at the crack of dawn. Facing the same round people and teachers,  having not enough time to eat during recess, blah blah this and that. But right now, are you taking back your words? Gobble them up? Yes I am. Because I no longer could go through that again. No, not anymore.
I can't skip anymore Physics classes (I hated the most). I can't escape school with Fay anymore and get caught. I can't this and that ... the list go on...

5 Lily :
You crazy mates. Thank you. All the 25 of you. We are weird, I know. We come together as one when we step into this class. Literature oh yeaww!  We might not be really close. But we are when the time comes. Stay awesome as always. & I definitely will miss you guys. So so much. I promise. In future, invite me to your weddings! Hahaha. I hope to see you guys around during class trip to MALACCA ;)

Till then, adios !

Sunday, November 4, 2012

A time to kill

Hi blog, i'm finally back here to you. Wait, a day before SPM? You gotta be kidding me.I just got my new laptop and that is why I'm blogging right now. Quick updates ; Just watch me die and how I sit for SPM. And screaming my lungs out on the last day.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Awh-summ peepo!

School reopened. Like 2 weeks ? Wow I can't believe it. Welcome to year of Form5.
Senior year. Fifth and last year of high school. *So sad.

So hang out with Fay & Jasmine today. It wasn't well planned. But still an awesome day!
Jasmine picked me up at 10am and we actually went to the wrong library.
Waited for Fay to pick us up. But end up, taking cab to state library to get Fay.
Get to Starbucks at 11.30 and we start those chit chatting sessions.
Wanted to go Fay's house. To complete our moral folio. But something went wrong.
Spent 4 hours in Starbucks. It was awesome! Nope, it's heaven! Hehe.
Fay went back at 3.30PM. Jasmine & I took cab to little India.
Hunt for Indian food! And also henna :3 Never been there.
First time walking around exploring and stuffs. Heheh.
Got home around 5PM. Not a bad day after all.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bff ♥

After so long, there you go. My bff ; Steph Wang. 2008 - current
Although you only came back for sucha short period, but I enjoyed every second of it.
Yesterday was a blast I guess ? Although we did not much, but it feels so right to be with your best friend. Who knows almost everything about you & love you the same way.
After last night's dinner with her family, I actually get to know much more about her than I was before. It's a bliss. Maybe is just me who felt that way. Heh.
8 months , since your last trip back. I wish I could spend more time with you this time.
But you've got too much of obligation to settle down in Johore & KL. So yeah, do come back after this okayy ?
I miss you. I always have, and I always will. :)

"A friend is one who believes in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself."